The Single Point of Information in the SCADA/HMI world.

SloopTools connect SCADA / HMI OEMs, integrators and end customers on a vendor-independent platform. SloopTools has developed multiple services for this purpose.

SloopTools store

The SloopTools Store is transforming your SCADA/HMI functionality into a high-quality sellable Add-on which is easy to find.

SloopTools Store Features

Add-on Presentation

Companies can present their add-ons and provide them with additional information.

Easy Search

Companies can search for missing functionalities or add-ons.

Quality Gate

Add-ons are subject to in-depth quality control by SloopTools.

Central Billing

SloopTools manages the financial transactions for the companies.

Contract Management

SloopTools takes over the contract handling for the companies.

Various License Types

Add-ons can be sold by a one-time, subscription or pay-per-use license.

Ticketing System

The central ticket system handles the communication between the companies.

Demo Licences

A demo licence for an Add-on can easily be downloaded for testing purpose.


In addition to the add-ons services (maintenance, consulting, etc.) and features can be offered.

Featured Add-Ons

SloopTools Connect is creating a community within the SCADA/HMI world to easily collaborate and support each other.

SloopTools Connect Features

Company Presentation

Easy Search

Find Services

Central Communication



Partners about SloopTools

Alexander Taker

Software Developer

Lukas Schopp

CEO & Founder

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Two professionals out of the industry who are complemented by partners and freelancers.

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