The Single Point of Information in the SCADA/HMI world.

SloopTools connect SCADA / HMI OEMs, integrators and end customers on a vendor-independent platform. SloopTools has developed multiple services for this purpose.

SloopTools store

The SloopTools store is transforming your SCADA/HMI functionality into a high-quality sellable Add-on which is easy to find. In the SloopTools store you can buy and sell SCADA / HMI Add-ons.

SloopTools store Features

Add-on Presentation

Companies can present their add-ons and provide them with additional information.

Easy Search

Companies can search for missing functionalities or add-ons.

Quality Gate

Add-ons are subject to in-depth quality control by SloopTools.

Central Billing

SloopTools manages the financial transactions for the companies.

Contract Management

SloopTools takes over the contract handling for the companies.

Various License Types

Add-ons can be sold by a one-time, subscription or pay-per-use license.

Ticketing System

The central ticket system handles the communication between the companies.

Demo Licences

A demo licence for an Add-on can easily be downloaded for testing purpose.


In addition to the add-ons services (maintenance, consulting, etc.) and features can be offered.

Featured Add-Ons

SloopTools connect creates an online platform within the industrial world. Using this platform, participants can work together and support each other to optimize their businesses.

SloopTools connect Features

Company Presentation

Easy Search

Find Services

Central Communication



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Software Developer

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CEO & Founder

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Two professionals out of the industry who are complemented by partners and freelancers.

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